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Sitka Expeditions

Shore Excursions and Tours, Sitka Alaska

Join Sitka Expeditions for a direct shore excursion and tour of Alaska’s wildlife, scenic coastlines, and fisheries. Our boat tours simplify your journey, offering flexible transportation between the cruise ship dock and downtown, where more of Sitka’s attractions await.


1. a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration.

Proudly Alaskan Native Owned and Operated

Explore Our Sitka Wildlife Boat Tours

From the lively Sitka Harbor to the scenic waters of Sitka Sound, our boat tours cater to all looking for the ultimate Alaska shore excursion.


Each tour is designed to showcase the best Sitka has to offer, from its dramatic coastlines to its abundant marine wildlife.


Discover more about our Sitka Wildlife Boat Tours

Wildlife Assurance

Commitment to Unforgettable Alaska Shore Excursions and Tours

Sitka Expeditions stands behind the quality of our wildlife tours.  We commonly see whales, sea otters or bears on almost every single trip we provide. Our guarantee reflects our confidence in providing you an exceptional private tour in Sitka.

Sitka Alaska Bear during Sitka Whale Watch trip

Proudly Alaskan Native Owned and Operated

Experience Authentic Sitka Shore Excursions and Tours

Discover the authentic heart of Alaska with Sitka Expeditions, a company deeply rooted in the local culture and landscape. Owned by Captain Parker and Zaide, native to Alaska and your local guide, our tours bring you closer to of Alaska's wonder through the eyes of those who call it home.

Our Vessel: Solaris

Commitment to Unforgettable Alaska Shore Excursions and Tours

The M/V Solaris, a 36-foot aluminum-hulled vessel recently upgraded for your safety and comfort, serves as your base for exploring the rich marine wildlife and scenic tours of Sitka. The Solaris fits 6 passengers to accommodate your Sitka scenic tour. Whether it’s watching majestic birds of prey or navigating through Sitka Sound, the Solaris offers an unmatched viewing experience.

Tour Details

Choose Your Adventure: 2-Hour or 4-Hour Wildlife Tours

2-Hour Wildlife Tour: Quick yet enriching, this tour offers a glimpse into Sitka’s natural beauty, perfect for those with limited time but unlimited enthusiasm for adventure.

4-Hour Wildlife Tour: Extend your adventure with a visit to St. Lazaria Island, a haven for diverse bird species. This tour is for those who wish to dive deeper into the marine and coastal ecosystems of Sitka.

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