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  • Are there refunds?
    Yes, there are numerous circumstances you would get a refund Cancellation: Yes, you can cancel the trip up to 24 hours before your scheduled excursion. Meaning, (for example) if your excursion is schedule for May 10th 8 am, and you cancel May 9th 7 am, you will receive a refund. Once you are within that 24 hour window until your excursion, there are no refunds offered unless a special circumstance arrises, see below. Outside of 24 hours from your excursion, you will receive a full refund after a very small processing fee. Weather: Our local experienced guides are all too familiar with bad weather in Alaska. The captain has a very good understanding of what weather is too bad in Sitka for providing high quality tours. If the captain deems the weather as too terrible, we will issue you a full refund. If the captain deems the weather as permissible but you do not wish to go on a tour because of the weather, the trip will be non-refundable. Sitka Expeditions Cancels: We have never cancelled on a guest but anything is possible. If this circumstance happens where an emergency arrises before your Sitka Excursion on our end, we will issue you a full refund or schedule you with another partner excursion that we trust, the choice will be yours.
  • What happens if our ship is late to port or doesn't arrive in Sitka?
    If your ship is late to port we will reschedule you a different time. If your ship doesn't show up at all for some reason, you will receive full refund.
  • Will the tour operator refund me if there is bad weather?
    Sitka Expeditions understands that bad weather can affect the experience of our customers. In the event of bad weather, our tour operator will always prioritize the safety and well-being of our guests. If a tour needs to be cancelled due to bad weather, we will provide a full refund. It is important to us that our customers have a positive and enjoyable experience, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs in the event of adverse weather conditions. Our priority is to ensure that you have a safe and memorable adventure with Sitka Expeditions.
  • What do I wear?
    Wildlife Tours in Sitka Alaska can happen during a wide variety of weather and Sitka Alaska is not shy on bi-polar weather. One moment it will be sunny and beautiful and the next some rain could happen. We suggest every traveler to dress as if you are anticipating it being cold and bring extra layers you can remove if its not. We suggest some kind of water proof or water resistant outer layer and boots if you anticipate it possibly raining. When in doubt, ask us and we can give you better guidance. If you are scheduled in an afternoon trip, you are likely going to get the chance to go downtown prior to the tour, which means you will be able to shop for a wide variety of outdoor gear in our many stores on Lincoln Street!
  • What is your "Wildlife Guaranteed" policy?
    Although you can not predict the wildlife in Sitka or mother nature, we take great pride in providing quality Wildlife Tours in Sitka Alaska. Nothing in life is guaranteed and that includes wildlife, however, part of that high quality tradition, we offer a $40 refund (for a tour hour tour) or a $80 refund (for a 4-hour tour) per customer if we do not see whales, sea otters or bears. This is a unique offer that we provide that most do not.
  • Why should we choose Sitka Expeditions?
    We believe you will not regret your decision choosing Sitka Expeditions to provide an epic wildlife tour. Parker and Zaide were born and raised in Sitka with generations of family traits in the tourism business including starting and running one of the largest tour business's in Alaska! Being born and raised in Sitka Alaska, we have been exposed to the vast wilderness that surrounds Sitka. Spending our entire lives on the water, we know where the wildlife like to strive! With the 36 foot m/v Solaris, we can cover far distances in various weather conditions in order to reach the wildlife.
  • What if my group has more than 6 people?
    If your party has more than 6 people that's not a problem as long as you are willing to be in two separate boats. Typically with groups larger than 6, we will request a partner boat to run with us with the remaining guests. If you have more than 12 guests in your group, we can always use more partner boats! Regardless of how many partner boats we use, all the boats will stick together throughout the duration of the tour.
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